The TOCmatic analyzer is a fully automatic system for Total Organic Carbon level monitoring in purified water. TOCmatic analyzer is designed for simple and reliable operation.

TOC measuring algorithm is based on oxidation of organic compounds by UV light at 185 nm. The TOCmatic analyzer measures feed water conductivity before a water sample enters UV reaction chamber. The sample of water is later irradiated and oxidized by UV light. Oxidation of the water sample results CO2 formation and subsequent rise of water conductivity. The analyzer then releases the oxidized water sample out of the reaction chamber and measures the conductivity of the sample.

Prolonged oxidation of the water sample and subsequent integration of conductivity measurements provide accurate results.

The TOCmatic system has a simple and intuitive user interface with color touchscreen display. The display provides clear indication of system status, TOC level, conductivity and temperature measurement results.

The TOCmatic systems sends an automatic report via E-mail in case the pre-set TOC, conductivity or temperature limits are exceeded or UV lamp has failed.

The TOCmatic system saves measurement results as csv-file. The file is automatically copied to a USB-Stick.

The history of measurements is graphically represented on the display.

TOCmatic has an easily accessible diagnostic screen. The diagnostic screen displays schematic flowchart of the water sample analysis circuit with clear indication of each part status and measurement values (conductivity, temperature, etc.) for every stage.

All operation parameters are shown on the display. Each parameter has a bargraph with an intuitive color pattern (Red = alarm, green = normal operation) for better overview of the operation status. The TOCmatic systems are easily adjustable and can be customized to meet requirements of a specific application.          

Technical Data:

 Measurement  Range    0.5  – 999.9 ppb  
 Limit of  Detection    0.5  ppb  
 Min Feed  Water Resistivity    > 0.1 MOhm * cm  < 10.0 uS/cm  
 Resolution      0.1  ppb  
 Particle  size    < 100 mm  
 Water  temperature    1 –  100 oC  
 Measurement  cycle duration    5 minutes  
 Pressure    0.8  – 10 bar at water inlet  
 Dimensions  (W x D x H)    200 x 200 x 370 mm  
 Weight    8  kg.  
 Analog  Output    4 – 20mA. Upper and lower limits programmable  


 Ambient  temperature    5 –  35 oC  
 Ambient  Humidity    5 –  80%  
 Sample  connection    6 mm OD tubing  
 Displayed  parameters    TOC,  Resistivity/Conductivity, Temperature  
 Type of  display    Color graphic touchscreen display  
 Errors  displayed    Lamp  failure, Low pressure  
 Connections    Ethernet, WLAN, USB Analog 4 – 20mA output for  external PLC  
 Alarms    Hi TOC  level, conductivity and temperature adjustable by user     
 Installation    Benchtop  or wall-mounted  

Ordering Information:

 Model    TOCmatic  
 Part-number    19.1505